about the author

Greg Holland, 1980

Greg Holland is the administrator of CGCdata.com and the slabdata.com blog.  He began compiling the CGC Census with the permission of Comics Guaranty LLC, and has made the search engine for CGC Census Analysis available since 2003, presented at CGCdata.com since 2011.  The CGC census data available is from July 2001 to present.  No information is available at CGCdata.com which was not publicly available on the official CGC Census.  In addition to these websites, Greg is the creator of Valiant Comics fan reference websites since 1999 and the administrator for ValiantFans.com message board since 2004. He also posts under the identity ‘valiantman‘ on the CGC Message Board since 2002.  Many of the ideas presented on the slabdata.com blog may have originated as posts on the CGC Message Board.

Greg considers comic books as his “serious hobby”, including the compilation and analysis of ‘slab data’ for professionally graded comic books (known as ‘slabs’).  He is an avid comic book collector since 1992, an Overstreet Guide to Comic Books Advisor since 2003, contributor to editions of the Standard Catalog of Comic Books, and also the Comic Buyer’s Guide during its publication.  Despite his plans to become Superman someday when he was 4 years old in 1980, he is now a data scientist and research director for education and the workforce. His academic background includes multiple degrees in computer science resulting in his Ph.D. for applied science of information quality completed in 2010. He has been married since 1997 and has a daughter born in 2011, who plans to grow up to be Supergirl.